Army of Men is an exclusive range of fetish gear for fun-loving, kinky, pleasure-seeking men. Army of Men bridges the gap between fetish-fashion and high-fashion, appealing to a younger generation of kinksters who are interested in being more sexually adventurous but do not relate to an ideal of masculinity grounded in late 70’s and 80’s gay leather subculture. A new tribe of men who are middle class, fashion conscious, sexually adventurous and sexually fluid in orientation. AOM’s range of products compliment and integrate into the social and party lifestyles of this new tribe, rather than becoming the sole lifestyle choice that defines them. The brand is experiencing rapid growth.

Creative Director Derrick Yong appointed wordonthebird mid-2016 to manage the strategic growth of social media for the brand. This involves:

• Dedicated social media management of the brand across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and niche apps like Grindr, Scruff, and RECON
• Content creation and distribution
• Real time audience engagement and management
• Organic audience building
• Spam monitoring
• Keyword and tag research
• Monthly direct marketing campaigns to database.

Wordonthebird also consults to AOM on marketing planning, and public relations, communications and media.